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OOC: How's my Driving?

Hate the way I play Wario? Love the way I play him? Any suggestions on how I could improve? Then comment here!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve, or have seen any instances of my playing Wario that did not sit right with you, I would appreciate it if you gave examples, because my memory is bad, and specific examples help me improve the most.

Comments are screened, anonymous commenting is enabled, and IP logging is off.



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Or leave him a text or e-mail with the date and time in the subject heading.]
So classes are starting soon?

Well I'd better see you all in my health class then! If I'm going to be forced to put effort into this, then you'd all better appreciate it!

Writer's Block: Wild Life

How long could you survive on your own in the wild?

HA. I could easily survive in the wild! I could live in the wild forever.

Yeah, that's right!

Mar. 26th, 2009

WHAT? What do you mean there's no place for me to stay? I accepted this job thinking that they'd provide me with a comfortable living space. Preferably a castle.

Oh yeah, I'm Wario. I'm your new health teacher for whenever this place stops looking like a heap of rubble.

At least I don't have to teach right now.

((OOC: If the teacher's dorms are, in fact, not destroyed, please let me know. I am not very bright and with the times.))